Trainers at Por Promin are more than just pad-holders looking to exhaust you, they take a genuine interest in your personal journey with Muay Thai whether it be for fighting, fitness or fun and take the time to correct the small details that can make the difference between an effective and non-effective kick, knee or punch. All of our trainers have their own Muay Thai journey which brought them to Por Promin, a bit of which is shared with you below. 

Kru Kin

Kin is the head trainer at Por Promin, a very popular and renowned teacher with 15 years teaching experience, he has taught people from all over the world and also spent two years teaching in England.

His fight career took him to fight in many countries including Australia and Korea. His last fight was in 2010 whilst he was living in England, where he fought and beat the 2 time world champion Imran Khan.

Kin is an exceptionally talented teacher and trainer with a high level of English which has earned him his good reputation and many students.

As well as being an excellent personal trainer for fitness and weight loss he has proved his talent by training and preparing his both Thai and Foreign fighters at Por Promin for prestigious televised shows like Max Muay Thai and Thai Fight and the stadiums like Lumpinee and Omnoi in Bangkok.

Fact File:

Name: Kin (Prayun Thawang)

Age: 42

Hometown: Uthai Thani (Central Thailand)

Fighter Name: Lertoranee Petwihaan

Fights: 250

Highest Achievement: 20+ Fights at Lumpinee Stadium

Started Fighting: 9 years old

Fight Style: Muay Femur

Time Teaching: 15 years

Early Biography: Kin started fighting in his hometown at 9 years old. At 13 years he left home for Bangkok to the famous Muay Thai Camp ‘Sor Supawan’. Here he trained and fought alongside champions such as Karuhat Sor Supawan and the famous twins Chailek and Chainoi, he was fighting in what is known as the Golden Era of Muay Thai. Later when his first camp closed he moved to fight at Petwihaan Muay Thai Camp in Saraburi where he fought at Lumpinee stadium and on the then Channel 5 regularily. Here he trained with his best friend Seenin Petwihaan former Lumpini top 10 and Basongpet Petwihan the then Raja Champion. Having fought for nearly 15 years at 23 years old he left the lights of Bangkok and took a break from Muay Thai. Only 5 years later he came back to Muay Thai and started teaching whilst still fighting.

Above is Kru Kin at about 16 years old at the back on the far right whilst training at Sor Supawan Gym in Bangkok in the 1980’s with the famous champion Karuhat Sor Supawan.