“I recently took some of my students and fighters to train at Por Promin Muay Thai Gym for two reasons.
1. I’d heard of it’s reputation through the grapevine and wanted to to check it out.
2. It wasn’t practical to train in Bangkok at this time due to the flooding problem.”

For the European foreigner this gym has everything – the co-owner Miriam is English, so language isn’t a problem, and she also speaks fluent Thai, which helps a lot. Her husband (the other owner) who’s name is Kin, is one of the best Muay Thai Instructors I have ever worked with. He is a great coach who pushes you to the max without ever expecting too much, and he also takes time out to break down new techniques and show them to you properly as well as giving you a good beasting!

Kin speaks good English and is articulate and friendly, but don’t mistake his kindness for weakness as Kin is also a hard task master who expects you to work to the best of your ability.

The gym has a lovely setting which is at the end of a Soi a few minutes out of town. There is a small shop next to the gym which is great for getting a nice cold drink after your session too. I’ve been to Thailand more times than I can remember, and have much experience of training there and of the Thai people. Por Promin is at the top of my list & I’m very much looking forward to going back.

Al Oakley

Owner of WAKT in Cornwall, England and

“Since training with Kin I become ranked number 1 in UK at my weight and have won British and European titles so the results speak for themselves.”

I went to train at Por Promin with Kin because I first met him in England when he was living in my home town Liverpool.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Thailand before training in Bangkok at two top gyms, Jitti Gym and Kiatphontip with great trainers, so it was nice for me be able to spend some time in a place that was smaller, not as hectic as BKK and also had a beach, but I also had to be sure that the training I got would be the same standard as I had before or what would have been the point?

I’ve been training with Kin at Por Promin since the gym first opened in 2011. I’ve done a number of trips since then with a 6 month stay last year.

I’ve trained with a lot of brilliant trainers in Thailand but Kin is my favourite. Training so much with him give me knowledge to open my own gym in Liverpool and its the techniques he taught me that I teach every day to my students at my gym.

Darren O’Connor

ISKA European Champion
Owner of Thai Style in Liverpool, England

“I send all of my students to train at Por Promin, because I know that they will get the best quality instruction, training and guidance and I can’t wait to go back again soon myself!”

I travelled to Thailand in search of a quality Muay Thai gym. As an experienced fighter, I was looking for a gym where I could further my skills. The most important thing for me was finding a trainer that was skilled in all aspects of Muay Thai. After a long period of unsuccessfully trying various gyms in Thailand, a friend of mine recommended that I try Por Promin.

Of all the gyms I had visited, Por Promin stood out amongst the crowd. The head coach Kin was a very skilled teacher, easy to get along with and showed real passion for the sport. I spent about 6 months, training alongside world class fighters and fighting as regularly as I could.

The gyms location is perfect. and Hua Hin is a small town only a few hours from Bangkok. With much less distractions, pollution and traffic than the major tourist spots.

Theo Gouletsas

Trainer at Powerplay Gym in Melbourne, Australia

“Por Promin are top notch at every corner and truly take care of their customers.”

Havanna Smith

Lifetime Member of Por Promin