Hotels in Hua Hin

Por Promin Muay Thai Camp has teamed up with a great selection of budget to luxury hotels in order to provide our customers options to suit every Muay Thai holiday budget and lifestyle.

The gym itself is located 10 minutes outside of Hua Hin city centre, in a beautiful residential area called Somorprong, just before Wat Somorprong (temple). There are at least six restaurants serving European food and many many serving Thai food so a lot of our customers choose to stay locally, experiencing the local life. They rent a motorbike to drive to the gym, to go to eat and for a massage locally. Then some people switch to using a taxi when it comes to going to the beach, to ride elephants, to the waterpark and any other activities, while others dare out onto the open road with their bikes. Please note Thai Law states have to have an International Driving license in order to drive a motorbike or car in Thailand as a foreigner and police can fine you if you are caught without one.

For some people, especially if you’re coming with other friends or family members who don’t want to train, staying in the town centre, near the beach and all the markets and restaurants is preferable and they then either book a taxi with Por Promin to pick them up from their hotel each day they train, or rent a motorbike or car and drive themselves.

On the following pages you will find a detailed description of the different hotels you can choose from, the prices are also clearly displayed but DO NOT include training prices. We keep training and accommodation prices separate so it’s easier to understand and because some people train once a day, others train twice a day and others want to train private lessons only but we’ve compiled a few typical Muay Thai holiday scenarios to give you an idea below:

Baan Ton Mai 1 Group Lesson 2 Group Lesson 1 Private / Day 2 Privates / Day
1 Day 1,100 THB 1,300 THB 1,400 THB 2,000 THB
1 Week 6,000 THB 7,000 THB 8,700 THB 12,900 THB
10 Days 9,300 THB 10,900 THB 12,900 THB 18,900 THB
2 Weeks 12,000 THB 14,000 THB 17,400 THB 25,800 THB
1 Month 12,000 THB 15,500 THB 24,500 THB 42,500 THB

Please note these prices are given as a rough guide only and exact prices will vary depending on a number of factors. The dates because of the increase in prices for weekends, bank holidays and different seasons. Electric and water charges are not included in some weekly and monthly prices. Private training prices are more expensive if training with the Head Trainer and Owner Kru Kin.