Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do you take beginners?
Yes we do. You don’t need to have any previous Muay Thai experience to come and train at Por Promin, everyone is taught from their own starting point and the trainers tailor the training to suit everyone’s individual needs. If you’re a complete beginner we suggest you have a couple of private lessons before you join the group sessions so that you feel more comfortable and have a basic idea of what you’re doing. During the low season we can sometimes accept complete beginners into the group session where there are not too many people training as our trainers are then able to spend more quality time with each student. In the high season, due to the high numbers of people training all beginners have to have a few private lessons before joining the group sessions.

2. Do you have different groups for beginners, intermediates and advanced fighters?
We don’t have separate groups as everyone trains at their own level and the trainers ensure that each person is provided a good workout and improves their technique based on everyone’s individual skills and experience. We do offer private group training, so if you would prefer to set up a group just for you and your friends, because you’re all at a similar level, then just contact us and we can book that for you.

3. What times are your group sessions?
We have two group sessions every day Monday to Saturday. The first is in the morning from 08:00 to 09:30 and the second is in the afternoon from 16:30 – 18:30. Private lessons can be booked every day outside the class times and all day on Sunday.

4. What does a typical Muay Thai group training session include?
The group session starts with a warm-up, some people go for a run, others skip and others bounce on the tyres, depending on your fitness level this is 5-30 minutes. This is followed by 10-30 minutes shadow boxing. Then everyone takes turns between going on the bags to practice technique and kicking pads with the trainers. You will each get between 3-5 rounds of pad-work with a trainer each session. If people still have energy this is followed by pairing people up to practice techniques or sparring and/or clinching and the session is finished with weights and stretching to cool down.

5. Can I have a private lesson?
Yes you can. Private lessons are available every day outside the class times, between 9am and 3pm and 6pm to 7pm and all day on Sunday. A private lesson needs to be booked in advance and costs 800 THB per hour with our Head Trainer Kru Kin and 600 THB per hour with our other trainers.

6. Do you also offer private lessons for a family group or group of friends?
Yes we do. Group private lessons are available every day outside the class times the same as the private lessons but they are half an hour longer than a normal private lesson to allow good time for everyone. The price is 400 THB per person for a group of 2 to 5 people and 350 THB per person for a group of 6 or more people. A group lesson is one and a half hours long.

7. Do you have to fight?
No way!!! Many many many people train Muay Thai and never fight, they simply use it as a way to get fit, lose weight and stay in shape, gain confidence and de-stress and we would NEVER push anyone to fight. This is completely your own decision.

8. Can I fight?
Yes, many of our customers do that, however you do have to commit to a minimum of one month training before we will allow you to fight. For professional fighters with the right amount of grit and determination to train long-term at Por Promin the fight opportunities are excellent such as the famous Lumpinee and Omnoi Stadiums in Bangkok, the televised THAI FIGHT and MAX MUAY THAI shows to name but a few. The trainers at Por Promin are also highly experienced in preparing people for their first fights in Thailand. For people looking for their first fight in Thailand, or if they’re not yet ready for the big stadiums yet, we have two local stadiums where you can also fight.

9. Can I train for fitness only?
Sure! Many of our customers do exactly that! Whether it’s to progress your fight career, perfect the art of Muay Thai or for fitness, weight loss, self-confidence and fun, we promise you a fantastic time.

10. Do I need to be very fit to be able to begin training?
No. Muay Thai is a hard and diverse workout for your whole body. You don’t need to be super fit to begin training as everybody has their own starting point and you train based on your own fitness level. Many of our customers come here to lose weight and get fit. Still, you should be a normally healthy person and if you have any concerns about your health, we recommend you consult your doctor before beginning to train. If you have any health issues that we should be aware of, please let us know.

11. Can I train just for 1 session?
Yes of course! If you have previous Muay Thai experience you can join the group sessions. One group session is 300 Thai Baht. If you’re a beginner and/or tourist and just want to try once you can book a private 1-2-1 lesson which is 800 Thai Baht per hour with our Head Trainer Kru Kin and 600 Thai Baht per hour with our other trainers.

12. Is it possible to train other martial arts at Por Promin?
Whilst mixed martial arts are gaining in popularity around the world here at Por Promin we focus only on Muay Thai and our trainers are very skilled professionals in the art of eight limbs or science of the eight limbs as it is also known. Muay Thai is known as “King of the Ring” in kickboxing circles for a good reason as it is a great, diverse combination of punches, kicks, elbows, knees and standing grappling to wear down and knock out their opponent, providing an extremely effective whole body work-out. Anyone who is training or fighting MMA will hugely benefit from a good grounding in Muay Thai to enhance their stand-up skills.

13. Do you have many women training at the camp? Do women and men have separate classes?
We have both women and men training at the camp. Muay Thai has traditionally been more of a male dominated sport, but in the last ten years or so has attracted many females, some of whom are reigning champions in the sport, and others who just do it for fitness, fun and self-confidence. We all train together, though of course when sparring or practicing techniques men are generally paired with men and women are generally paired with women. If you prefer to train with your female friends only, you can book a private group lesson at a time of your choice.

14. What do I need to bring?
For training you will need shorts and a T-Shirt. And some people also bring a towel and water, although we do have water for sale at the gym if you need it. Please ensure the shorts are not too tight, so that you can kick, but also ensure they’re not too loose, so that when you kick your personal items are not on display! For women it is a great idea to wear stretchy fitness (cycling) shorts under your Muay Thai shorts. In Muay Thai you do not need shoes. If you are training more than just once you will need your own handwraps, gloves, shin-pads or shin-guards and a mouthguard if you start sparring. We do have a few old gloves available that people who just come once can use, but not so many and they’re not in great condition, so it depends on your preference, you’re welcome to use them, but we also have a shop that sells gloves and all Muay Thai equiptment (gloves, shinguards, handwraps, Muay Thai shorts, mouthguard, anklets etc) for those people who prefer to have their own, or some people bring their own equipment with them from their home country.

15. Do you have a shop selling Muay Thai equipment?
Yes we do. Our shop has a basic stock of gloves, handwraps, shin pads and shin guards, anklets, Muay Thai shorts and many more, if you’re looking for something specific feel free to ask as we may be able to order it in for you. We stock both TWINS and Top King branded equipment and a little Nationman and FBT.

16. When can I join / When does the next course begin?
You’re more than welcome to come and join and train with us anytime, any day. There are no specific courses, each person is taught from their own starting point. Please note that if you’re a complete beginner we recommend you have at least 2-3 private lessons before joining the group sessions so that you feel more comfortable.

17. How do I book?
If you would like to book you training and/or accommodation at Por Promin, just let us know by sending us a message via the contact form on the website or an email to and once we have finalized all the details and information with you and you’re happy to book we will send you an invoice to your email address via our PayPal account. We use PayPal to enable you to send us a 50% deposit to confirm your booking. You don’t need to be a member of PayPal to do this, we send you an invoice to your email address and you can pay this with your regular bank card or credit card (the same way as when you buy something online) or if you’re a member of PayPal you can also pay that way. Please note we do have to add a 5% fee to all deposits to cover the money that PayPal charge us to receive your money but this is still a lot cheaper than an international bank transfer or Western Union transfer would cost you.

18. Can I just pay when I arrive or do I have to book?
Yes, for group sessions, you can just turn up and pay on the day, there is no need to book in advance. It does help if you let us know that you’re arriving, especially if you’re a larger group, but you can just turn up and pay on the day. During the high season we do sometimes have to limit our class sizes and obviously priority will be given to those that booked in advance.If you want to have a private lesson these need to be booked in advance and ideally a deposit is also made to confirm your booking, although this is somewhat done on a case by case basis. Please note that accommodation can become fully booked in the high season, so if you’re planning to come during the high season we highly recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment, but it is not a must, it is at your own risk.

19. I have some more questions before I feel comfortable to book who can I ask?
Of course, we totally appreciate booking somewhere across the world where you’ve never been before can be very daunting and you may have a few more questions. Feel free to contact us. Miriam, our Head Trainer Kru Kin’s wife, is here to answer any questions you might have. She’s from England and also speaks German, French and Thai and has lived in Thailand for over 12 years. She been answering people’s questions and booking their Muay Thai dream holidays at Por Promin for them for over five years and will try and answer any questions you have as best she can, or show you where you can find the answer.

20. Are there any discounts for booking online?
Currently we are not able to offer any online discounts but this is something we are thinking about offering in the future.

21. Do you offer group or long-term discounts?
Yes we do. For gym owners bringing their students we offer small discounts for groups of five plus the gym owner and up, please message us directly for details. For people wanting to stay three months or more we also offer discounts, please message us directly for details.

22. If I get injured can I get my money back or save the training sessions for later?
Injuries happen and especially with Muay Thai, are part of the sport, and this being Thailand motorbike accidents are also a possibility. Generally speaking Por Promin has a no refund policy. But depending on the situation we would consider, and have in the past, allowed a customer to save part of the training for a later date with an agreed expiry date, or we have also been known to give a discount on that customers following visit. We are a family run business so to some extent things are done on a case by case basis.

23. Should I have Insurance for Muay Thai?
You need to have travel insurance to come to Thailand, so please ensure you do. You need to check yourself if your specific travel insurance will cover Muay Thai. We are not able to provide advice about insurance at Por Promin.

24. Do the trainers speak English?
Yes. Kru Kin is an exceptionally talented teacher and trainer with a high level of English which has earned him his good reputation and many students. Also Kin’s brother Daeng has a fairly good command of English for Muay Thai training. Kin’s wife Miriam is English and speaks German, French and Thai, so she is more than able to help you with all practical matters.


1. Can I stay at Por Promin?
No, we do not have any rooms for customers to stay at Por Promin but we have teamed up with some fantastic hotels in our local area for you to choose from. There are two great budget hotel options on our website, please take a look at the ‘Hotels’ page and look under ‘Budget Hotels’ where you’ll find Baan Ton Mai and Chaba Rooms.

2. Can I stay in a hotel near Por Promin?
Yes you can! Por Promin has teamed up with the best local hotels for our customers to choose from, we have options to suit all budgets from cheap to luxury, just take a look at the accommodation section on our website. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for just contact us with your requirements and we will advise you further.

3. Can I stay in Hua Hin city centre and still come and train at Por Promin?
Yes of course you can! We’re even happy to help you book a taxi to pick you up and bring you to training each day if that helps or send us a message with your hotel name and we’ll give you directions, or if you’re the independent type and have rented your own motorbike search for us on Google Maps and you’ll find us easily. Por Promin is about 10 minutes to the north of Hua Hin city centre and a single taxi ride costs 200 THB and a motorbike taxi costs around 100 THB, outside of the city centre costs will vary.

4. Can Por Promin recommend any hotels in Hua Hin city centre?
Yes we can. We currently have one luxury hotel, Laksasaubha Resort, on our website, which you can book through us at Por Promin. Other than that we will be looking to team up with more hotels in the future. In the meantime we also recommend hotels such as City Beach, Thipurai Hotel, MA Guesthouse, Centara Resort, Hilton Hotel and Baan Manthana where our customers have stayed before and reported good things. (We make no guarantee’s or promises however, these are third party hotels and we take no responsibility for the services they offer.)

5. Is there breakfast included in the hotel? Is there any shared kitchen?
This depends on your choice of accommodation. Please check the detailed descriptions of them on our website page ‘Hotels’. For example, in both Baan Ton Mai and Chaba Rooms there is a mini-fridge and it’s a private room but no kitchen or breakfast included. Ban Ek-Amporn on the other hand has a shared kitchen available and Zea Za Garden and The Resort have breakfast included. Most people eat out for most meals apart from breakfast because it’s so cheap to eat Thai food and almost cheaper than cooking for yourself. But if you have to cook for yourself because of specific dietary requirements or just because you prefer, we can try and help you to find a solution for that.

6. Do they have a swimming pool, internet etc in the hotel?
All the hotels have WIFI and hot water, and in some of them there is a pool, for example Zea Za Garden, The Resort, Noppadol Resort and Ban Ek-Amporn all have swimming pools. Please check each hotels description for exact details on our website page ‘Hotels’.

General Information

1. How do I ask Por Promin a question if I don’t find my answer here?
Feel free to contact us with any further questions you might have, either via the contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website or via email or via our facebook page

2. How long before I can expect to get a reply to my message/email/inquiry to Por Promin?
You can expect to wait anything from 24 hours to a week! Obviously we aim for 24hrs, but our average is 2 days! Por Promin is a family run business and Kin’s wife Miriam manages a high workload so please be patient but she always tries to answer all your messages as quickly as possible.

3. Where is Por Promin Muay Thai Camp located?
Por Promin is located in a beautiful traditional residential area 10 minutes (in a northerly direction) outside of Hua Hin city centre. The area is called Moo Baan Somorprong and consists of many gated communities like Tippawan 3,4 and 5 and Tropical Hill 1 and 2 and houses occupied by both Thai’s and Westerners. You can find us on Google Maps if you search for ‘Por Promin Muay Thai Camp’.

Our gym’s address is:
Por Promin Muay Thai Camp
25/6 Soi Tippawan, Moo Baan Somorprong,
Thanon Chonalapratan, Hua Hin,
Prachuap Khirikhan, 77110 THAILAND

Hin Hin is a city by the beach in the province of Prachuap Khirikhan, about 3 hours south of the capital Bangkok, in Thailand.

4. How do I get to Por Promin from Bangkok Airport?
There are a few options on how to travel from Suvarnabhumi International airport in Bangkok down to Hua Hin. You can book an airport pick up taxi at the same time as booking your training and/or accommodation. The price is 2,500 THB for a car and 3,000 THB for a minibus and the driver meets you at the airport and brings you straight to Hua Hin. After a long flight this is perfect for some people and if your flight arrives outside the airport bus times, saves you staying a night in Bangkok. The advantage of booking your taxi with Por Promin is that they know Hua Hin and will be able to take you directly to your hotel. Bangkok taxi drivers don’t know Hua Hin and we’ve had customers who’ve used a taxi from the airport drive around Hua Hin for hours trying to find their hotel!
You can also choose the public transport options like the airport bus. There is a bus that runs directly from the airport to Hua Hin during the day (so if your flight arrives in the night the taxi is your only option) and costs about 300 THB to Hua Hin. From the Hua Hin bus station you will need to get a taxi to your hotel, depending on where you have chosen to stay this can be between 200 and 300 THB. This is the website of the airport shuttle bus where you can check the bus times

5. Will I need to rent a motorbike?
If you’re staying around Por Promin the majority of people choose to rent a motorbike to drive to training, to eat and for massage etc in and around our local area. If people are confident on their bikes they also use them to go into Hua Hin city centre or to the beach and sight-seeing etc, if not they change to use a taxi for longer trips and sight-seeing. Please note, under Thai Law, you are required to have an International Driving license to drive a motorbike, please the question below for more information.

6. What if I haven’t ridden a motorbike before or can’t?
A lot of people, who travel to Thailand for the first time, also drive a motorbike for the first time. If you’re a first time driver, especially if driving on the left is also new to you, you might want to use the motorbike for driving around the gym only and use a taxi service for longer journeys. If you really don’t think you’ll be able to drive a motorbike or don’t want to, the other option is to rent a bicycle or walk. The distance from the gym to the bottom of the road, where most of the hotels are located is 1.5km, so a full walk to training and back will be 3km or more, for some people this is fine, but for most this is quite a lot of walking after a long training session. Please also be aware Thailand does have quite a lot of stray street dogs, they are 99.9% harmless, but for anyone with a fear of dogs this could be a problem.

7. Do I need an International Driving License?
Yes, if you’re planning to use your bike to drive around more than the local area. Driving around Por Promin is not a problem but if you’re going to go onto the main roads you could be stopped and checked by the Thai police. Under Thai Law you are required to have an International Driving License to drive motorbikes, cars or any other vehicle in Thailand. If you already have either a car or motorbike license in your country of origin, it is generally very easy and cheap in most countries to convert this into an International License. In England for example you simple take your license to your local Post Office and pay 5GBP and you’re given an International License, which is a small booklet. If you’re already in Thailand or haven’t left enough time to arrange this, Por Promin offers an International Driving License service for 1,000 THB, all you need to submit are two passport size photographs and your driving license. If you don’t have an International Driving license and choose to still drive (some people do) you will simply need to pay the police fine of 200 to 400 THB if you get pulled over by the police, don’t forget to ask for a receipt so you don’t get fined a second time on that day!

8. Are there markets, massage shops etc nearby?
Por Promin is located in a lovely little neighbourhood, 10 minutes away from the city centre of Hua Hin and we’re very lucky to have several great Thai and European restaurants, lots of Thai street food stalls, plenty of massage shops to choose from, lots of laundry service shops, pharmacy, hairdressers, fresh local market and 7/11 and Family Mart convenience stores… everything you need really. When you arrive at Por Promin we give you a map of the local area that has a lot of these places marked out for you.

9. What is the best way to get around?
Most people rent a motorbike to get to training and go to eat, get a massage and so on, those people who are not confident on the bike drive only in the local area around the hotel and gym and those people who are more confident use it to drive to Hua Hin city centre as well. We have a local lade that our customers rent motorbikes from and she charges 200 THB a day, 1,200 THB a week and 3,500 THB a month. Please note you are required by Thai Law to have an International driving license. Please see the question above for more information on how to get an International License.

10. What is the currency and are there ATMS? Can I use my credit card?
The currency in Thailand is Thai Baht (THB) and there are plenty of ATMS in our local area where you can use your bank card to withdraw money from your account. In Hua Hin city centre you will find lots of banks and currency exchange shops in case you need to exchange some money. Por Promin Muay Thai Camp currently only accepts payments in cash, unless booking in advance via PayPal. You can use your credit card at local 7/11 and Family Mart convenience shops in our local area and also in the many many shops in the shoppings malls like Bluport and Market Village in Hua Hin city centre.

11. Where can I do my laundry and how much does it cost?
There are many laundry shops that offer a service wash so you just take your clothes to them and go to pick them up the next day, freshly washed and ironed, or you can do it yourself in the self-service machines. The price varies from shop to shop but a self-service wash starts around 30 THB and service washes are around 10 THB to 50 THB per item depending on the size (T-Shirt, Trousers etc).

12. Is there WIFI at Por Promin Muay Thai Camp?
Yes, we’ll give you the password when you arrive.

13. What should my budget be?
This depends on your individual needs and how much money you want to spend. Thailand is a relatively cheap place to live. You can easily find very cheap food in the local markets and get a meal for about 30 THB, or eat in a restaurant and eat for 50-200 THB per meal. There are also many restaurants offering a bit more expensive food if you are willing to spend more. For a motorbike, if you want to rent one, you should be ready to spend about 3,500 THB per month. The accommodation can cost pretty much anything from 8,000 THB per month to 16,500 THB per day, depending on your choice.

14. What Thai Festivals are not to be missed?
There are many Thai festivals, so depending on the time of year you come you’ll be able to take part in the celebrations. Two of the most popular ones are Loy Kratong and Songkran. Loy Kratong is usually in mid November, at the end of the rainy season, and celebrates the Water Goddess by floating ‘Kratongs’ on your nearest waterway (sea, river, lake) and apologizing for the pollution you have contributed to and asking for back luck to be washed away and to bring new good luck! Songkran Festival, a national celebration of the traditional Thai New Year, it captures the imagination of tourist for both its cultural and fun attributes; the latter being enthusiastic bouts of water splashing between friends and relatives. It is in effect a massive water fight that takes over the whole country. The traditional aspect that remains is the bathing of your elders and asking for their blessings. This takes place all over Thailand on 13-15 April every year and you should not attempt to travel during those dates as the majority of Thai’s will be travelling home for the festival and the traffic is crazy. Pick a place and stay there for the duration and experience the most amazing festival yet!

Thailand and Hua Hin

1. I’ve never been to Thailand what should I expect?
Thailand is a perfect holiday destination or place to settle down for a longer period of time. Thai people are well known for their great hospitality and kindness. Whatever issues occur they are more than often happy to help you. The weather is warm throughout the year so you certainly won’t need your winter jacket! Thailand is one of the safest countries in South Asia and travelling around by bus or train is easy, also taxis are available everywhere. You can taste delicious Thai cuisine and also find excellent Western food for both street food and fine dining there are many options! This country is full of stunning, white sandy beaches, national parks, temples, and lots of possibilities to learn diving, snorkeling, kite-surfing, Thai Cooking and Muay Thai, to name just a few! Like everyone else, you will probably fall in love with this country and come back again and again.

2. Why Hua Hin?
Hua Hin is a pretty beachside town conveniently located only a few hours south of the capital Bangkok. Family friendly and relaxed, it lacks the all-night partying and seedier aspects that make other nearby beach resorts a haven for unsavory characters. Once a small fishing village, it is now a delightful mix of city and sea and tropical vegetation clad hills, with a cosmopolitan ambience, lively markets, tasty street eats, long beaches and a fully functional infrastructure. There are many white sandy beaches, shopping malls like the newly completed amazing BluPort Mall that is on a par with Siam Paragon in Bangkok, street food stalls and restaurants, and different tourist attractions (ie. temples, monkeys, elephants, tigers, forests, caves, waterfalls). You can either just chill out and take it easy or go and try some activities like kite surfing or hiking in a national park. There are two Muay Thai stadiums in Hua Hin where you can catch some fights most nights and the biggest and most famous Muay Thai stadiums like Lumpini Stadium, Rajadamnoen Stadium, Omnoi and Channel 7 Stadium are within a 3 hours drive in Bangkok. Here in Hua Hin you will find a perfect combination of Thai culture mixed with some Western impact, which means you can experience authentic Thai food and Western food, buy authentic Thai souvenirs at the evening or weekend markets and still easily find all Western products in the malls. You’ll be surrounded by lovely Thai people with a big smiles on their faces, and can make friends with expats or other tourists as well. With less distractions, pollution and traffic than the major tourist spots, Hua Hin is quickly becoming a much sought after place to come where you can really concentrate on your training in great surroundings without distractions. Por Promin Muay Thai Camp is blessed with a beautiful tropical hillside location just ten minutes outside of beach town centre making it the ideal place to train in Hua Hin, set in a traditional Thai village called Somoprong it has a nice mix of local Thai’s and expats and has all the local amenities you could wish for.

3. What time of year is best to come and why?
This depends on your schedule and preferences, please also see the question below about weather. The weather is warm or hot pretty much all the time, some seasons include a bit more rain than the others. Here at Por Promin the high season is from December to March and this is when we usually have the most people training at the camp. During low season from April to November there are less people training so you get even more quality time with our trainers, especially during the morning lessons when you can sometimes get the same as a private lesson with them. Of course you can always book private lessons as well if you want to and the classes are busy.

4. What is the weather like?
For most foreigners it feels warm/hot in Thailand all year round. There are three main seasons, the Cool Season, the Hot Season and the Rainy Season. Now just because it’s the cool season doesn’t mean its cold, and just because it’s the rainy season doesn’t mean it rains constantly… let me explain! The Cool Season is from November to February and comes after the rainy season. In the Cool Season the skies are clear, the sun is very warm during the day (perfect for sunbathing) with an average temperature of 26 Celcius (79 Fahrenheit) and the evenings are a little cooler with a nice breeze. Depending on where in Thailand you are there is sometimes a ‘cold snap’ of a week or two where temperatures can go as low as 20 Celcius in the day and 12 Celcius at night in late December or early January. The Hot Season begins in March and skies are a perfect blue with a very hot sun with an average of 31 Celcius (87 Fahrenheit) it keeps getting hotter and hotter throughout May and June and the evenings are very warm as well. The Rainy Season is from July until October and begins with hot hot sun and clear blue skies and every now and then big storm clouds build over a couple of days from which the rain bursts through for a few hours, empties the clouds and the whole process starts again. As the rainy season gets into full swing you can get a few days of grey skies and no sun, but it’s always warm. If we’re going through a rainy bit, (usually August to October in Hua Hin) the general idea is that in the morning you get all your stuff done while the bright sun is shining because by 3/4pm it will rain… usually a lot! The first few months of the rainy reason (in Hua Hin) there is little rain; we get the most rain in September and October, which signals the end of the rainy season and in November a last few showers, normally night time showers. (Due to the size of the country the seasons start in the north and travel south, so Chiang Mai is the first to get cool/hot/wet and Koh Samui, in the South a few weeks later.)

5. Do I need a visa for Thailand?
This depends on your nationality and how long you want to stay. Most of our visitors come from countries which are on the exemption list so they don’t need any visa for 15 or 30 days. For a longer period you may need to apply for a tourist visa or some people choose to enroll at a Language Centre to learn Thai and get themselves an education visa. Visitors to Thailand must obtain a visa from one of the Thai diplomatic missions unless they come from a visa-exempt country or one of the countries whose citizens are eligible to obtain visas on arrival. As changes to regulation can happen anytime, please check the updated information on or contact your local Thai embassy.

6. Do I need an International Driving License?
If you are planning on renting a motorbike getting an International License is a very good idea and saves you a lot of money on police fines! Under Thai Law you are required to have an International Driving License to drive motorbikes, cars or any other vehicle in Thailand. If you already have a driving license in your home country, it is generally very easy and cheap to get an International Driving license and requires no test. In the UK for example, you take your driving license to the Post Office, fill in a form, pay 5GBP and you’re given a booklet which is your International Driving license. If you’re already in Thailand or haven’t left enough time to arrange this, Por Promin offers an International Driving License service for 1,000 THB, all you need to submit are two passport size photographs and your driving license. If you don’t have an International Driving license and choose to still drive (some people do) you will simply need to pay the police fine of 200 to 400 THB if you get pulled over by the police, don’t forget to ask for a receipt so you don’t get fined a second time on that day!